Intro To An Obituary

obituary.jpgA funeral obituary is a notice or death announcement, usually published in a local newspaper, of a person’s death with a short account of the person's life. Often it is the first thing many people read in the newspaper each day and is also considered to be the last word written about a person’s life. You may also wish to use a more detailed version of the newspaper obituary within the funeral program.

An obituary can chart the life of your loved in chronological order and can focus on their accomplishments and impact that person had on his or her family, friends, and community. Writing a funeral obituary is no easy task, especially if you are currently going through the emotions of a loss of a loved one.

However with some guidelines, you will be able to formulate a good summation of the life of the deceased. You will find resources here on how to write a funeral obituary or how to create an obituary. We also Included are suggested items for inclusion to help guide you in writing an obituary and a sample funeral obituary for you to review.

Keep in mind the length of words the newspaper editor has allotted when writing the obituary for publication. If you need to shorten the obituary for the publication, you can place a longer version within the funeral services program for those who attend the funeral service. Make sure you time the publication of the obituary so that it runs a few days or a week before the memorial service.

You can view our beautiful selection of funeral obituary programs to place your announcement within the bulletin to distribute to all guests and have it as a keepsake.

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