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Our SEO Story:

We have been online since 2009 serving the death care community with our printed memorials and done for you services. Since then, we have seen and experience the growth of the internet in terms of the technology as well as google’s algorithm in how it places websites in its search results.

Link building no longer guarantees the top spot on Google. In fact, it led to a penalty for our website, taking months to recover. Adapting to the ever-changing algorithm requires continuously searching and learning new techniques to earn Google's favor.

It has been an up and down ride for our own e-commerce site and we learn a new way each time google decides to make a change. We have hired companies to perform our SEO services only to hear promises that were not fulfilled and excuses on why our site was not ranking as it should.

Through our extensive research, classes, reading, learning trial errors, and spending a large budget to other SEO companies, we decided to perform our own SEO for The Funeral Program Site.  After 5 years and a competitor who’s only joy in life is to negative SEO our website, we are happy to announce that we finally got it!

This said competitor (and if you are reading this, you know who you are), stops at nothing to try and bring our website down on competing keywords. She has succeeded for many of the early years. Her efforts of negative SEO only brings us back into our lab to learn more and find a better way to bulletin-proof our website from such attacks. So really, we owe a bit of gratitude to this competitor for continuing her pursuit to knock us down because what she meant for evil actually strengthened us more. Had she not done this, we believe we would not have the knowledge we have today on how to rank websites for extremely high competing keywords.

Do your due diligence though and don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to perform google searches for keywords such as funeral programs, funeral program, custom funeral programs, and funeral booklets to see for yourself where our website lands in the results.

Because we are ever evolving in our products and services, we have made the business decision to offer our SEO services to funeral homes only. Having worked with many funeral homes and directors since our inception, we believe this type of company deserves the recognition and higher place in the search rankings. Funeral homes offer an invaluable service and one we also stand behind to further assistance the death care community.

Understand that this is not an overnight sensation and it will take time to do this work so patience is also required of you. We do not control google but we believe we do have a way to assist your website in climbing the search results. Will you get the number 1 spot? We hope so! You can try it out and see by ordering our 3 month SEO plan for a flat introductory offer of $1,500. This price may seem like a lot but believe us when we say you will pay at least that PER MONTH to other agencies.

You can order this service on our order page as well as provide us with some information regarding your funeral home business. You will also be provided with a weekly status on your website’s progress. Understand that this service is an ongoing service so the price reflects 3 months worth of work which you should continue in order to keep up with google’s changes or competitor negative SEO attacks. It is not a one and done deal. It is recommended to renew every quarter to gain and keep rankings. You are free to cancel at any time should you not see any results or business does not pick up as a result of higher rankings. The 3 month fee is non-refundable as we have already performed the service.

This is not a hard sales pitch. If you are in need of this type of service, we are happy to assist you in this. Below is the link for our quarterly SEO service.

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