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DIY Funeral brochures are referred to as a trifold because they are folded in three equal sections or thirds on a paper. The finished folded size is presented in a more compact size making it a favorite style for many families. A great alternative to the traditional center fold program due to its narrower width. Funeral brochures are considered to be the second most popular size next to the traditional bifold program. The funeral brochure is a commonly used layout that is offered in Legal and Tabloid Sizes.  

The Funeral Program Site offers funeral brochure templates in 2 sizes.  Edit it easily in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages or Google Docs!  Adding pages to this layout is not recommended so if you need more room, we recommend the larger tabloid brochure.

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Funeral Brochures

Funeral brochures play a crucial role in memorial services, serving as tangible mementos that honor and celebrate the life of a departed loved one. These small, informative booklets provide attendees with a structured overview of the memorial program, offering details about the order of service, speakers, musical selections, and other essential elements. The design of funeral brochures is often a thoughtful process, with careful consideration given to the visual aesthetics and content. Many individuals opt for a design that reflects the personality and interests of the departed, creating a unique and personalized tribute. Photographs, quotes, and brief biographies are commonly included, infusing the brochure with elements that capture the essence of the individual being remembered. Beyond their aesthetic significance, funeral brochures serve practical purposes. They guide attendees through the memorial service, ensuring that everyone is aware of the schedule and sequence of events. This structured approach adds a level of organization to the service, allowing mourners to navigate the ceremony with ease. In addition to outlining the order of service, funeral brochures often include information about the speakers, readings, and musical selections. This provides attendees with insights into the program, fostering a deeper connection to the shared experience of commemorating a life. The inclusion of hymn lyrics, prayers, or poems contributes to the emotional resonance of the service, providing attendees with a tangible keepsake to cherish. The compact size of funeral brochures makes them convenient for distribution and storage. Attendees can easily carry them home as a lasting reminder of the memorial service, creating a cherished keepsake that can be revisited in moments of reflection. Family and friends often find solace in flipping through the pages, reminiscing about the life that was celebrated and the shared moments of grief and remembrance. In an era where digital communication prevails, funeral brochures maintain a tangible and timeless quality. While digital alternatives exist, the physicality of a brochure provides a tangible connection to the memorial service and the person being honored. It serves as a meaningful artifact, capturing the spirit of the occasion and preserving the memory of the departed in a way that transcends the digital realm. In conclusion, funeral brochures are more than informational documents; they are poignant tributes that encapsulate the essence of a memorial service. Through thoughtful design, personalization, and the inclusion of essential details, these booklets become keepsakes that offer comfort and solace to those who gather to honor and remember a cherished life. The enduring nature of funeral brochures ensures that the memory of a loved one is preserved, providing a tangible connection to the shared experience of commemorating a life well-lived.

Featured Funeral Brochure Template

Our featured funeral brochure comes from the Patriotic and Military collection of designs for those who served in the Armed Forces or patriotic at heart. This DIY funeral brochure template offers an Air Force theme with flying jets in the skies and American flag blowing in the wind.

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