Collection: DIY Funeral Booklets Templates

DIY Funeral booklets are printed memorials with a center fold containing 2 or more pages within its content. The pages are typically stapled together in its center to keep the pages from being loose or separating. Funeral booklets provide ample room for photos and text and can also be expanded to as many pages as needed. This funeral program layout is available in legal or tabloid size paper.  Add your favorite photos anywhere or expand the booklet to more pages. Create this layout easily by using a ready-made funeral booklet template and start entering in your information and photos today!

Our funeral booklets come formatted as an 8-sided program but you can add as many pages as you need. Edit our template in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages or Google Docs. You can add more than one photo on the front cover, if desired.

Funeral Booklets

Funeral booklets, also known as memorial service booklets or funeral programs, play a significant role in memorializing and honoring the life of a departed loved one. These booklets serve as tangible keepsakes that provide attendees with essential information about the funeral service while also offering a personal and lasting tribute. The design of funeral booklets is a thoughtful process, often reflecting the personality, interests, and unique qualities of the deceased individual. These booklets typically include details such as the order of service, names of speakers, musical selections, and readings. They may also feature photographs, quotes, and a brief biography, creating a visually striking and personalized tribute. Beyond their functional role in guiding attendees through the funeral service, funeral booklets become cherished mementos. The inclusion of personal elements, such as photographs and meaningful quotes, adds a deeply emotional and reflective dimension to the booklet. Mourners often find solace in flipping through the pages, reminiscing about the life that was celebrated and finding comfort in the shared moments of grief and remembrance. The compact and portable nature of funeral booklets makes them convenient for distribution and storage. Attendees can easily carry them home, creating a tangible and lasting reminder of the memorial service. Whether kept in a drawer, displayed on a shelf, or tucked into a memory box, these booklets become cherished keepsakes that family and friends can revisit in moments of reflection. In an era where digital communication prevails, funeral booklets maintain a timeless quality. While online platforms and digital alternatives exist, the physicality of a booklet provides a tangible connection to the memorial service and the person being honored. Holding a printed booklet offers a sense of comfort and continuity in a world increasingly shaped by digital interactions. In summary, funeral booklets serve a dual purpose in guiding attendees through the funeral service while also serving as heartfelt tributes to the departed. Through thoughtful design and personalization, these booklets become more than informational guides; they transform into cherished keepsakes that capture the essence of the individual and provide a lasting connection to the shared experience of commemorating a life well-lived.

Featured Funeral Booklet Template

Our featured funeral booklet template is from our Hobbies collection. This funeral booklet is for the fisherman or angler, whether it is by hobby or trade, the water background with elements of fishing set in the foreground is a great choice!