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DIY Gatefold funeral programs are a  unique presentation because of how it is assembled. The two ends fold into the center and simulates the opening and closing of a gate, hence the name. The folds of the gatefold funeral programs feature two front panels that open toward you revealing the contents on the inside of the program. It is similar to the trifold with the folding varying slightly.  This type of format is easy to create with the use of our ready made template and is a great alternative to the traditional program.

The gatefold funeral program is the perfect solution for those seeking to get a jump start on creating this type of program. Our gatefold programs are available in legal or tabloid sizes and in many different themed backgrounds. Additional pages cannot be added with this type of layout.

Gatefold Funeral Programs

A gatefold funeral program is a specific type of funeral program design that involves a folding format resembling a gate. In this layout, the program is folded in such a way that the two outer panels fold inward, meeting at the center like the opening of a gate. This creates a visually striking presentation and allows for a structured organization of content.

Key features of a gatefold funeral program:

  1. Gate-Like Folding: The gatefold design consists of two outer panels that fold toward the center, creating a gate-like appearance when the program is closed. This folding style adds an element of elegance and uniqueness to the overall presentation.
  2. Center-Focused Content: The center of the gatefold program typically features a central area where essential information or imagery can be prominently displayed. This central space is often used for a photograph of the deceased, a brief biography, or a significant quote.
  3. Internal Panels: When the gatefold is opened, additional panels inside can reveal more detailed information about the funeral service, the order of events, poems, and other personalized content. The internal panels provide ample space for customization.
  4. Visual Impact: The gatefold design offers a visually impactful way to present information. It allows for a structured arrangement of content while providing an aesthetically pleasing format that captures the attention of those attending the funeral service.
  5. Customization Possibilities: Gatefold funeral programs are customizable, allowing families to choose the overall design, color schemes, fonts, and imagery that best reflect the personality and preferences of the departed individual.
  6. Professional Printing: To achieve the best results with a gatefold funeral program, professional printing services are often recommended. This ensures high-quality printing and a polished finish that enhances the overall presentation.

Gatefold funeral programs are a popular choice for those seeking a unique and visually appealing format for commemorating a loved one's life. The distinctive folding style provides both a sense of formality and a canvas for creative expression, allowing families to craft a personalized and memorable tribute.

Featured Gatefold Funeral Program Template

Our featured gatefold funeral program is offered in one of 2 sizes, legal or tabloid. This gatefold funeral program design is brought to you from our faith based collection and displays a wooden cross with liminating center beams of light.

  • Shine Gatefold Funeral Program Template

  • Majestic Gatefold Funeral Program Template

  • funeral-program

    Pearls Gatefold Funeral Program Template

Gatefold Funeral Program Videos

Gatefold Funeral Program FAQs

What sizes do gatefold funeral programs come in?

The Funeral Program Site offers 3 sizes for you to choose from: Letter, Legal or Tabloid Size gatefold funeral programs.

How many pages are in a gatefold funeral program?

The gatefold is printed on only 1 sheet of paper, front and back. So you have a total of 6 panels in which you can enter text and/or photos.

What is a gatefold funeral program?

A gatefold funeral program is a unique layout when folded, simulates the opening of a gate, hence the name. The gatefold funeral program is a wonderful alternative to the traditional center or bifold for those seeking something different.

Can I add pages to the graduated funeral program?

We do not recommend you add any pages to this type of gatefold funeral program layout. In order to keep pages together you would need to do staples and the gatefold does not provide a seamless place where you can place the stapling. This is a good choice for those who do not think they will need to expand the program.