Collection: Memorial Bookmarks - DIY Funeral Bookmark Templates

Even in this digital age of technology, memorial bookmarks are still a beloved and practical printed memorial that is created as a way to have a book placeholder.  A memorial bookmark can be a lovely memorial sentiment containing a loved one's photo and personalized text. Memorial bookmarks can be laminated and adorned with a tassel or simply printed on a card stock paper. A great choice for the loved one who enjoyed reading!

The Funeral Program Site provides ready-made memorial bookmark templates that helps you easily create this keepsake memorial. You can print a prayer, poem or short obituary on the back, if desired. Our memorial bookmark templates measure approximately 2.5" wide x 8" high.  Our bookmark template provides 4 bookmarks per sheet of letter size paper to save on printing costs! Download today and start editing in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages or Google Docs!