Collection: Small DIY Memorial Cards Templates

DIY Memorial cards template offer a no fold or folded layout and are a convenient smaller size for a printed memorial. The memorial cards are a great choice for those who desire a handout but may not have much content to include. The memorial cards size measures approx. 4.25" x 5.5".  The template layout comes with 2 or 4 cards per sheet of letter size paper, respectively.  Memorial cards provide slightly more room than a traditional prayer card.

The Funeral Program Site presents a large array of designs in our memorial card templates available for immediate download in folded or no fold formats.  These are the perfect size to distribute or even send in the mail. Edit our ready-made memorial card template in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages or Google Docs.  

Memorial Cards

Memorial cards, also known as remembrance cards or funeral cards, serve as poignant mementos, encapsulating the essence of a life within the confines of a small, tangible piece of paper. These cards, often no larger than a standard business card, hold immense sentimental value as they weave together the threads of memory, allowing those who grieve to carry a piece of their loved one with them.

Measuring just a few inches, memorial cards become intimate portraits of the departed. Typically adorned with a photograph, the card captures a single moment that encapsulates the spirit, personality, and vitality of the individual. This miniature portrait serves as a tangible reminder, bringing the essence of the departed into the hands and hearts of those who hold the card.

Accompanying the visual snapshot is a carefully chosen set of words—a poignant quote, a verse, or a brief reflection. These words offer comfort, solace, and a moment for reflection. They become a source of inspiration, encapsulating the sentiments of those left behind and conveying a message of enduring love, faith, or remembrance.

One of the unique attributes of memorial cards is their compact size, making them easily portable. Mourners can slip them into a wallet, place them on a bedside table, or affix them to a refrigerator door, creating an enduring connection to the departed. In their unassuming size, these cards carry the weight of memories, becoming cherished keepsakes that accompany individuals through the various chapters of life.

Memorial cards come in a variety of designs, allowing for a personalized touch. Families can choose colors, fonts, and layouts that resonate with the personality and preferences of the departed. Some may opt for a traditional design with religious symbols, while others may choose a more contemporary and vibrant aesthetic. The flexibility in design ensures that each card is a unique reflection of the individual it honors.

Memorial cards often play a role in the distribution of comfort during memorial services. They are handed out to attendees, offering a tangible token of remembrance. In this shared moment of grief, the cards become not only personal mementos but also communal expressions of love and loss.

Across various cultures and religions, memorial cards hold special significance. In some traditions, they are distributed during funeral services, while in others, they are sent as expressions of condolence. The design and content of the cards may be influenced by cultural practices and religious symbols, providing a sense of familiarity and connection to tradition. In conclusion, memorial cards are miniature canvases that beautifully encapsulate the essence of a life. In their simplicity, they carry profound significance, offering comfort, remembrance, and a tangible link to the departed. These small portraits, adorned with both visual and verbal elements, become enduring symbols of love, capturing the timeless nature of cherished memories.

Featured Memorial Card Template

Our featured memorial card template offers a floral inspired design set with pink flowers in front of a lush green backdrop. Select from a flat or folded memorial card presentation. Small and convenient to carry and distribute to all attendees.

Memorial Cards Video

Memorial Card FAQs

What are memorial cards?

Memorial cards are small printed memorials that are distributed at a funeral or memorial service. It is a good choice for those who want to hand out a keepsake but do not need much room. The memorial cards are handy due to their size and convenient to carry since they are smaller than a traditional funeral program and slightly larger than a prayer card.

How do you make a memorial card?

The fastest and easiest way to make a memorial card is to utilize a memorial card template. This enables you to get a jump start on the process without having to recreate the wheel. Memorial cards templates are pre-formatted with the background and text layout so you just need to replace the filler text with your own information, then print.

What size is offered in the memorial cards layout?

You can choose between a flat or folded presentation with our memorial card templates. They are formatted in 2 or 4 cards per sheet of letter size paper. Select the size that best meets the amount of text you need to include.

How do I edit memorial cards?

You can edit our memorial cards templates with Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages or online via Google Docs.