About The Funeral Program Site

Hello and welcome to The Funeral Program Site.  We have been helping small businesses, funeral homes, and families such as yourself all over the world since 2009. You can read on or feel free to get to know us by watching the video on the right.

With the internet growing more crowded everyday, we know you have options when it comes to shopping for a printed memorial. We want to assure you, that you have come to the right place and have found the leader in the industry for funeral templates and memorials. There are many imitators of our products but none comes close to our design quality and customer service.

It still can be risky purchasing online, since you never know what kind of business you are truly dealing with, but you can feel confident that we are real people behind this website, who genuinely care about servicing the bereaved. 

I'm not going to say that I started this business because I found a lack of quality templates out there, as our competitors do. That is only a small part of what makes this business run. We consider it a privilege to help in your funeral planning process because we have a heartfelt passion for serving the bereaved, and are creative graphic designers by trade. It is this combination that makes us successful in what we do and provide for you. 

When you email us, we will respond. When you call us, we do answer. Sometimes, we do get busy on our phone lines and you may not be able to get through to us right away but we do respond to each and every message. We listen to your voicemails and read every email. 

All of our templates are fully compatible with Microsoft Word,Publisher, Apple Pages and Google Docs. Our creations are beautiful and formatted in an easy to use layout, allowing you the versatility you need to produce a professional looking program. We also have an extensive online video library especially for visual learners, presented in HD.  

The Funeral Program Site is based in the United States where we specialize in the creation of professional funeral program templates and memorial products. 

Our goal is to support you and provide the assistance you need to create, prepare and produce a funeral memorial that everyone will cherish. We look forward to assisting you. Because no one ever knows when we will have to plan a funeral, please  consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel to be ready and equipped should you have to create a printed memorial. Thank you for watching, we will see you next time in another video brought to you by The Funeral Program Site.com!

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