Bible Scriptures For Funerals

funeralstandwreath.jpgThe Old and New Testament of the bibile has many scripture references that are appropriate to use for a funeral or memorial service. Verses have been known to be noted with the funeral service programs or read aloud by a close friend or family member of the bereaved family.

Scriptures for Hope and Encouragement

Verses in the bible can offer hope, reminder of trusting in God, and a glimpse of a heaven where there is no more pain or sorrow for the faith based believer in Christ. 

People of the Christian faith love reading the scriptures and will often highlight and make notes in their own bible for those verses that were particularly meaningful to them during a difficult time. It has been said that God's word is more powerful than a two-edged sword and for one who lived a life of faith, bible scriptures is an invaluable resource.

For those who are not too familiar with the bible, it can be difficult or challenging to find the correct scripture verses to read or use in a service ceremony. A great place to start would be in the book of Psalms since it is full of verses that talk about the varying emotions a person may feel. Because of this, people tend to like Psalms since it is such a relatable book for them. This is also the book that contains Psalm 23 which is probably the most popular verse read and used for funerals.

Hope is also a theme that can be taken away when scripture is read. The hope in death for the believer is that they are in a far better place, which is heaven. They are noted to be absent from the body and present with the Lord Himself upon death on earth. This gives tremendous hope for the family knowing their loved one is safe and secure in the arms and care of Jesus.

The bible has been known and loved by many believers to find appropriate verses for every occasion or feeling. It offers many examples of people who have struggled through death and battles. Although noted in a different era, it is still very relatable. The time may have changed but humans do not! We are still the same and have the same tendencies like that of those who lived in biblical times and are used as examples for us to learn from.

Even if you are not a believer or a spiritual person, those who are attending the funeral service may be. Words from the bible can be found to penetrate hearts during a time of mourning and hardship. So don't be turned off or not consider including some verses as it may end up being helpful for you and others. When we are grieving, words of wisdom and strength is needed to help put things into perspective and gain spiritual strength to face each day.

You can find relatable funeral bible readings & funeral verses within our large library collection.  There are also examples of poetry for every family member, easy to use and customizable funeral programs, as well as other funeral resources on our website.

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