Death Announcement

obituary-sample.jpgWhen you make the initial death announcement it most likely will be in the form of a newspaper obituary.

Because you will be including information in the newspaper notice on the location, date and time and even donation information, you should wait until you have the date and time of the service established.

You should write out what you want to say and then print it out before calling the newspaper. This will help organize your thoughts and the information you want to have publicly noted. If the deceased was a prominent citizen or celebrity, a detailed obituary is written in the newspaper with copies sent to radio and television media. (View sample funeral obituary)

The death notice is paid by the family member, spouse or friend who places the announcement in the paper. You may want to find out first about the costs, space limitations and deadline. There are some newspapers that place and print obituaries at no charge. The obituary needs to include the date of the death, names of survivors, important accomplishments, date and time of the service, and donation information.

Some families also send out the death announcement via email. If you have the email addresses, this is an economical way to go but not every may have all the email addresses of the people you want to send notices to. You may also be interested in reading Planning a Low Cost Funeral Service to get ideas on other cost saving tips.

You can also send death announcements in a more formal manner by using printed funeral cards, like one may send a wedding or birth announcement. The cards may contain a simple black border or have more of a subdued design. These cards should be sent to friends who may live out of state or living at a farther proximity to the service. It is not necessary to write a personal note on these cards.

You can obtain death announcement card templates to create them more easily and quickly. We have a nice selection of funeral programs here at The Funeral Program Site you may want to review. The thank you cards are a perfect notecard to send out announcements. We can customize the title to say "In Loving Memory" instead of "Thank You" for the perfect death announcement.

We can customize any of our programs to fit an announcement of any sort, so if you do not see it on our website– we can create it quickly.

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