Letter From Heaven

Written by Charlene Stannard

My loved ones down on Earth, I am wanting to say a few words...
Please listen to me
Please do not live your lives in complete sorrow
This is not what I want to see
Your life is a gift, for YOU there is a tomorrow
To surround your loved ones living full of hope and positivity
Please don't show them your life is of sorrow and negativity
Grive for me, but for a short time pleae
I am still here, beside you, on my knees
When you feel sadness, I do too
It hurts me to see that you're feeling so sad and blue
I do understand that you miss me and ache that I am gone
Remember...I AM still with you
While you are in alot of sadness, the day we will be reunited will take so long
I smile when I see you smiling
I feel your love when you open your heart
All of these help me, I need these to let me progress in Heaven above
Please listen to me, grieve, but not too long
If you look deep within your heart 
We will NEVER be apart
If support is being offered or around, take the hand to guide you
It may be from a stranger or someone you love
But it is my arrow of guidance being sent to you from here up above
Enjoy the life you have, you only get ONE chance of life
Only look back, in memories...But look forwards in life
I will be with you, right here, so take my hand
and take me into your future with you
Let me grow as an Angel
Let your love sine through in all that you do
Please listen to me, let me be free
Let my wings spread open wide and fly
Your Angel in the Sky

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