God With Us As We Grieve

Dear Lord, here we have come, 
now in this time and place, to give you 
thanks. We are reminded of the words of Jesus— 
that all who carry heavy burdens are to bring 
them to him. So now, that is what we are doing, 
for our burdens at this time are heavy. 
We are filled with raw emotions of sorrow 
and loss. We are overwhelmed, and, Lord, 
we need your comfort, mercy and support.
Yes, Lord, we are thankful for the one we 
have come to remember today. 
We are also thankful that [he/she] has 
now entered into life eternal, but we 
are hurting, and the loss is overwhelming. 
Give us courage and strength to go forward 
from this time, but we also ask, Lord, 
that you be with us in our grieving. Help us 
to understand the process of grief and to 
know that our grieving may not be rushed. 
Go beside us as we grieve, and help us 
to return to the land of the living; 
in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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