Funeral Tribute Examples

assorted-programs.jpgWhen a loved one passes away, a funeral or memorial service is given in order to give the family closure and pay a type of tribute to the life of the deceased. These types of tributes honor the life lived and often the type of relationship the surviving family members had with the loved one.

An accolade for a funeral of someone who has died varies in how elaborate the service can be. A funeral tribute is one where the life of the deceased is highlighted. Some examples may be a sympathetic and meaningful card with a special poetry or something more formal like a funeral resolution ceremony. A funeral tribute creates a lasting memory and is the final celebration of life therefore it is important to keep the details in mind when planning.

Here are some examples of funeral tributes that you can choose to incorporate into your own service. Funeral tributes are for everyone to do who was associated with the deceased such as friends, co-workers, classmates, and of course immediate family members. Generally speaking, those closest to the deceased will tend to provide tributes in a more personal way by presenting things such as a slideshow or personal eulogy. 

Participants who choose to do a tribute should only do so if they feel comfortable. It is by no means an obligatory thing to do, but rather should be done voluntarily and without reservation.

A Tribute Theme: The family will choose a certain type of theme to be incorporated into the funeral service. Planning is then based around that theme and is even brought into all printed documents used for the service.

Eulogy: A funeral speech presented by a family member or close friend which speaks about the life of the deceased and accomplishments.

A Slideshow: A group of photos selected by the family which highlights the deceased life from birth to death. The slideshow is displayed at the wake or ceremony as a form of visual tribute.

Funeral Service Programs: This is a detail you do not want to go without. Programs contain a great way to hold all the information about the life and related photos that highlight family and their accomplishments.

Poetry and Scripture:  Poetry and scripture are a good foundational place to start for those who are unsure how to begin or what to say. They can provide you with a jump start on the direction you want to start the tribute.

Funeral Church Resolution: This is a formal ceremony usually performed in church that reflects the deceased person’s relationship with God.

Prayer cards: This is a popular keepsake which includes a photo along with the name and dates and special poem or prayer chosen by the family.

Memorial Service Candles: A candle which can be personalized to include a photo of your loved one and can be lit during the entire ceremony.

Sharing Time: The sharing of personal experiences, memories, and life influence of the deceased by family and friends.

Memorial Guest and Condolence Book: Combination guest book and condolence memorial where attendees can write personal tributes or messages to the family and about the deceased.

The contemporary funeral or memorial services today are more about remembering and celebrating a life lived. They tend to be less somber since its main focus is centered around the celebration of life. Formal funeral rituals may take on a more somber tone but families can include any type of tribute to add a special and personalized touch to the service.

One of the main goals in a funeral tribute is that it comforts the family and grieving. It is also a form of encouragement for them and that alone serves as a priceless memory.

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