Homegoing Service Celebration

You may have heard of the term "Home Going Celebration" in place of a "funeral service". It can be referred to as a Homegoing Ceremony, Homegoing Celebration, or Home Going Service. It is essentially a Christian funeral service in which the main focus is celebrating the life of the deceased and their going home to be with the Lord in heave or glory. This term is frequently used by the African American church community but is now catching on to other ethnic backgrounds as well.

The homegoing service is based on death being a tiem of rejoicing or celebrating because their loved one is now going back home to be with their Savior and Lord in Heaven. That is a comfort beyond words when you suffer a loss of a family member.  it is typically held in a religious organization or church such as a place of worship and is very similar to a traditional church memorial service. 

Here is what the service may contain which can also include a combination of any of the following elements:

  • Musical Prelude or Entrance Music  with Processional
  • Opening Prayers
  • Songs or Hymns of Comfort 
  • Funeral Readings of Scripture, Poem, Prayers, Old Testament, and New Testament)
  • Reading of Cards & Condolences as well as Family Acknowledgements
  • Reading of Funeral Resolutions (usually for Baptist denominations)
  • The Obituary Reading
  • Eulogy or a Loving Tribute of the Deceased or Time of Sharing
  • Funeral Sermon Given by the Pastor or other Officiant
  • Final Viewing (for traditional burials when the body is present in a casket)
  • Benediction given by the Pastor
  • Recessional, and Interment or Committal

There may also include pall bearers and flower bearers. There is much singing in these types of services by the congregation and/or choir. They will usually sing songs provided by the family and favorites of the deceased. An uplifting sermon or message of hope is preached followed by a short time of sharing by family and friends.

There may also be followed by a video slideshow highlighting the life of the decedant. 

Homegoing Service Programs or funeral celebration programs or other distributed keepsakes are an important part of the homegoing service.  These programs are distributed to all attendees and are the final handout given to all guests. They may contain photos, the order of service outline, as well as provides a detailed obituary and often photo collages of the person's life.  These tangible items can be presented in different paper sizes, styles and layouts.  Regardless of what you choose for your final keepsake, everyone will enjoy this program and treasure it for years to come.

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