Losing A Pet

depositphotos-155962220-xl-2015.jpgLosing A Beloved 4-Legged Friend

Losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a human loved one. Pets often become a part of our family, they are constant and faithful companions. Pet loss cards can offer comfort in the healing process. Pets can be a wonderful addition to a family with children, a guide for the blind or disabled persons, or a companion to the single individual. Owning a dog or cat can be a joyful event since they are a big part of the pet owner's life.

When you suffer a pet loss through death of old age or a sudden death, it may not always be an easy thing to undergo. Similar to losing a human loved one, you can go through a period of grieving. The grieving process may be shorter, depending on amount of time you have had the pet. It's important to try and face pet loss as openly and honestly as you can. Finding people you can discuss your feelings with can be a comfort as well. Experiencing pet grief together with someone who can also relate can begin the healing process for you both.

Pet Loss Resources

The web also some some wonderful resources such as http://www.petloss.com that offer online support and forums to interact with others who are experiencing a similar emotion. Some pet lovers will even have a small pet memorial ceremony as a form of closure for their loss. There are pet gravestone markers for those who choose to bury their pet in the traditional way and also pet urns that enable you to store your pet's remains.

This site offers Pet Memorial Cards as a form of keepsake and remembrance of your dog, cat and even bird pets. These are great little items to share and distribute to your family and friends. You can place a photo of your pet right on the front cover and then write your very own customize message. The best part about them is you can print them as you need to, whenever you want to.

It seems the longer you have your pet, it can be harder when they pass. Our bond with our 4-legged friends is special. They can be a constant companion to a lonely or hurting soul. They can be a companion for an only child, a widow, or a sick loved one. It doesn't matter what reason you may have to own a pet, it is a personal choice and one that is never regretted. They just become part of your circle or family. They occupy that space that no one else can take.

Getting Another Pet

When your pet dies, you may wonder if you should get another pet. The suggestion is to wait and let some time pass before you get another pet, especially if you are grieving this current loss. Some cannot even think about another pet and then having to go through this emotion again of loss. Although getting another pet will not replace the one you've lost, the new pet can share you life again. But take some time before making this decision to have another.

There is a bond we form with animals that can be very deep and fulfilling, and the loss of a beloved pet can have an impact that can be great. This is the type of bond which makes our interaction with our pet so rich and rewarding. Doing things such as having a simple pet memorial ceremony and creating pet memorial cards can be a help in the healing process as well.

Take a look at our cute and adorable pet memorial cards in a variety of two styles: folding pet cards and flat pet cards which can be laminated, if desired. Creating a precious memorial can keep a special memory of your pet once they are gone.

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