Poems About Death

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Death is one of those circumstances in a person’s life that can be overwhelmed with emotions. Experiencing a death in the household is one instance where surviving family members can be weighed down by feelings, so much so that it can leave them not knowing what to do when it comes time for planning.

Often in the most unexpected time, we can find ourselves faced with a death. Poems about death are very popular and are often used within the funeral service itself. They can help families come to terms with a death and can be a source of encouragement and inspiration. We have compiled a large library of funeral poems written especially for any family member who has passed on. For instance, we have a collection of funeral poems for mom and dad, grandmother or friend.

If it is a father who passed on, you can choose among our funeral poems for dad. These might be poems which express how substantially your father will be missed or those poems which recall past fond memories. They are emotionally charged and the words are consoling to a grieving heart. Poems about death can be a good source of comfort since its wording is expressive of emotions one may be feeling during a loss.

Remember, it can be a source for healing for you and those who hear it. Frequently poetry can speak to the soul like none other and its a great meditative tool as well. Reading a funeral poem aloud or silently is a good for the soul when suffering a recent loss. It offers words that you may not be capable of expressing on your own. Frequently reading will bring soothing feelings of calmness. 

Never ever give up hope even though your loved one is gone from this life. Poems about death can give you insight that you’ve never discovered before. It can also help make sense of why things may have happened in the way that they did. If your spiritual, we also recommend reading bible verses as a way to encourage your spirits.

Don’t forget to include and share poems that you are particularly fond of or have comforted you. You can place them inside the funeral programs or have a family member of close friend read them aloud at the funeral wake or ceremony.

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