Best Online Funeral Resources To Assist With Final Arrangements

Funeral resources are vital when preparing for planning a funeral service during a time of loss. Unless you are a funeral director serving the death care industry, many of us are not experienced with the how-to's and all that is needed to know about anything funeral related. It can be difficult to dive into learning something that offers so much information. One can easily get overwhelmed when sifting through all the information there is to know about funerals. There are two ways you can get equipped with funeral and memorial information: online and hardcopy books. Usually ordering books takes up to week to receive depending on where you buy it online which may or may not allow you enough time thereafter for planning. The last thing you want is to feel rushed or crammed to learn what to do so online research may be the better alternative. So how do you even know where to begin to jump in? 

What To Look For In Online Resources

We recommend following the items below to help you get through all the information that is out there on the web. It will also save you time in your research because we understand how many things might be on your "To-Do" list. You should be able to spend a maximum of five minutes reviewing some of the tips below when choosing a site to learn about a funeral topic.

  • LOOK FOR A WEBSITE THAT IS GOOGLE AND CUSTOMER TRUSTED This is important to find before you dig into the content that a website offers. Icons with google trust or customer trusted are a good indicators that the site is trustworthy. A site is awarded the google trust icon based on customer reviews and sales if it is an e-commerce site. If you land upon a site you like, check google search on them by searching the name of the company and "reviews" after it. Check and read their reviews. If a site does not have any reviews, there is probably a reason they are not opening themselves up to receive customer reviews, so beware. Position in the search engine result pages does not accurately show whether a website is an expert on the matter. The first ranking sites are not necessarily the best resources.

  • HOW IS THE INFORMATION ORGANIZED If you can't make heads or tails from the beginning of how to navigate around the information presented, move on. Your time is precious and there is plenty to do. Trying to figure out a site's organization is time consuming and something you should not have to spend more than five minutes to figure out. There should be a main navigation that provides you the link or an image on the homepage that promotes their resources and where all the funeral resources are contained. The best sites will have their funeral resources categorized with related items under that category for the best customer experience.

  • IS IT AN AUTHORITY WEBSITE THAT PRESENTS CONTENT PROFESSIONALLY Although looks can be deceiving, most good online resources have a professional looking website. One that bears their company name in the URL and not a website created from a free blog. You should be able to identify what the main focus is of their site in the first five minutes. Do they have many articles on the subject or topic? Check to make sure all their resources are within the same niche. For example, if they write about cars, pets, and funerals, this might be a good indication that they don't specialize in funerals or memorials therefore, the information presented may or may not be reliable.

  • INFORMATIONAL RESOURCE OR E-COMMERCE Is the website strictly informational or does it sell products? It's okay if you find both of these on a site as most resources online are promoting some sort of selling relating to their resource library. Check out what their selling and see if it relates and provides a great representation of the site overall. You might also check Amazon to see if they also sell there. The reason for this is that Amazon holds sellers to a high standard and if you are accepted to sell on that platform, you are qualified company and good enough for a giant like Amazon to back up.

  • CONTACT INFORMATION AND LOCATION  It's also a good idea to check the website's contact information or skim the about us page. If they have physical store location, it is a professional, legitimate business. If the website does not state they are a brick and mortar store and uses a P.O. Box as a business address, use discretion. Chances are, they are working from home. Beware of websites that are strictly online based. Typically businesses such as these are home based and may or may not be a professional and reliable resource. Store fronts or commercial businesses always tend to be placed in a more professional light and adhere to higher standards.

If you have the time to buy books, you can get prime shipping on Amazon's books or even download a kindle book. Sometimes it is good to have a hardcopy you can take notes and markup with highlighter. You can print a web page article on the subject just as easily if you want something to write on and take notes. Books are great for keeping in the event of another death and you must reference it, you can go to it without having to be on a computer or other electronic mobile device. Usually when loved one's are in hospice, it lends a little more time to do the planning or obtain resources via mail. Evaluate your time frame and choose the option best for you.

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