Software For Funeral Home Directors

Create Your Own Programs and Printed Material In-House

Funeral home directors can now produce any of our beautiful funeral programs in-house with a one time low investment per template. We have special packages that enable you to create over a dozen different layouts with backgrounds to suit any family!

The Funeral Program Site is the largest manufacturer of do-it-yourself templates that you can edit with software you already own. Microsoft Word, Publisher or Apple Pages runs on virtually all computers and with our template files you can easily create a program that is pleasing and desirable for any family. Now complicated formats and layouts are a breeze to recreate using our ready-made templates. We created the wheel so you don't have to! 

We have designed a variety of different template packages especially for the funeral professional consisting of the most popular layouts and designs based on sales from our website, which make up 90% of families that come to us directly. Families tell us they search for a better option that the programs the funeral homes offer because they want something special for their loved one's celebrate of life. Families love our selection and we want to equip the local funeral homes with the options our buyers are looking for so you can build your business with additional revenue.

All software package contain a USB drive with accompanying catalog for marketing purposes. If you do not see any existing package that meets the needs of your funeral home, we can customize a package with your desired layouts and/or designs to fit your geographical area and funeral home! Funeral homes that purchase any of our packages automatically get enrolled into our Partnership Program in which all subsequent purchases provide you a 15% discount. That gives you access to any of our growing template selection, print services and large collection of matching memorials at your fingertips. It is a win-win situation!

Best yet, we never leave you high and dry after you purchase our packages, we support you every step of the way. We understand sometimes, trying something new can be difficult because of time constraints on your end, but rest assured we remote into your computer to assist you with the training and transition process. You never have to purchase any special paper and can print on regular copy paper you already have or can purchase at any office supply store.

Let's get you started, view our available template software packages here or contact our friendly customer service representative for more information! 

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