Types of Funeral Flowers

lily.jpgFuneral flowers have been a part of sympathy etiquette for centuries. Sending flowers to honor someone helps survivors express feelings they cannot express with words and is also a way to celebrate the life of the person who has passed. Often, groups or families will send a flower arrangement as a group instead of sending several small arrangements.

People who were very close to the deceased can work with a florist to create a flower arrangement that is symbolic of the relationship they had with that person. However, choosing funeral flowers can be a daunting task because of all the types of flowers available for this occasion. This task can be extremely difficult when the death has had an emotional impact on you.

To help make the process of choosing funeral flowers easier, it is important to understand the different types of funeral flowers offered including wreaths, flower arrangements, sprays, casket sprays and inside pieces.

Funeral Flower and Color Descriptions

The colors used in funeral flowers varies, but there are a few colors, which have symbolic meanings, that you should be aware of. Blue flowers are thought to have a calming effect on anyone who views them. The color green is a symbol of renewal. Yellow funeral flowers may seem inappropriate for the occasion, but the color yellow is actually a symbol of friendship.

The red rose is a popular choice as a funeral flower and emits feelings of undying love or passion. White flowers are another popular choice because they are a universal symbol of peace. Wreaths are floral displays that are circular in shape, which symbolizes eternal life. This type of arrangement can be done with any type of flower and can be accessorized with a banner if desired.

Flower arrangements are the most popular type of funeral flower. Usually, these flowers come in a vase, basket or other special container. When choosing a flower arrangement, you are free to choose any type of flowers you would like.

An arrangements in a basket or other container is often comforting to a family member of the deceased because it is something they can take home with them after the funeral and continue to watch the plant grow over the months following the funeral. Flower arrangements are also appropriate for you to send days after the funeral if you were unable to attend or unaware of the actual funeral.

If you are unsure of what you would like, feel free to ask your florist for suggestions.

Sprays are funeral flowers that are usually displayed on an easel, and only meant to be viewed from the front. Sprays are generally more expensive than wreaths and flower arrangements, but are a great choice for large groups or families who want to send flowers collectively. 

  • Casket sprays are flowers that are designed to lay on top of the deceased person's casket. Florists specialize in this type of funeral flower and can help families make the best choice for their loved one. Casket sprays are usually only purchased by the family.
  • Inside Pieces: These are flower arrangements that are designed to be included inside of the casket. Funeral directors and florists can work directly with families to decide what type of arrangement is best for the casket.

The Impact of Funeral Flowers on Family

Sending funeral flowers can be difficult because of the emotional impact death has on people. However, you can be assured that no matter which arrangement you choose, the flowers are deeply appreciated by the loved ones of the person who passed.

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