Writing Thank You Cards

thankyoucardnobleed.jpgWriting the words to compose funeral thank you cards can be difficult to formulate after the funeral service.

It is not really necessary to send an expression of thanks via a funeral thank you card, but if you want to show a gesture of appreciation for the support, encouragement or assistance you received, you can do so. The bereaved spouse or family member is not expected to send out funeral cards, but it can help you to begin the healing process. Also see our article on Funeral Card Wording.

You may find that jotting down your thoughts to give a note of thank to others may bring you comfort during this difficult time. The following are a list of people that may be the recipients of thank you cards.

 Those who sent flowers, donations in leiu of flowers, gifts and also cards

  • The clergy or funeral officiant who may have led the funeral or memorial service

  • Those relative and friends who assisted in preparing meals, babysitting, funeral music solo/songs, funeral bulletins distribution
  • If you had a guest book for the attendees to sign before entering the service, you can review those who attended and also send the notes, if desired

You can purchase any one of our matching funeral thank you cards to help automate the creation of the cards.  We also have sample funeral card wording in case you need additional help finding the right words or where to start. The notes need not be long, just a few sentences is sufficient. Don't feel like you need to write anything lengthy, view our samples as a guide.

You can type in your personalized thank you note and then sign it with your handwritten signature for a personal touch.

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