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Creating a funeral brochure template from The Funeral Program Site is an important task that helps families honor their loved ones with dignity and respect. This guide will walk you through the elements and considerations necessary to design a meaningful and beautiful funeral brochure.

Overview of Funeral Brochures

A funeral brochure serves as a keepsake that attendees can take home, reflecting on the life and legacy of the deceased. It typically includes personal stories, significant milestones, and heartfelt messages. At The Funeral Program Site, the templates are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making the process of creating a brochure more manageable during a challenging time.

Key Elements of a Funeral Brochure

Cover Page:

Photo: A high-quality photo of the deceased is usually featured on the cover. This image is often the first thing attendees will see, so it should be chosen with care to reflect the personality and spirit of the individual.

Name and Dates: The full name of the deceased, along with their birth and death dates, are prominently displayed.

Phrases like "In Loving Memory," "Celebrating the Life Of," or simply the person's name can be used as the title.

Order of Service:

This section outlines the schedule of events during the funeral or memorial service. It typically includes readings, musical selections, eulogies, and other ceremonial activities.


A written tribute that summarizes the deceased’s life, including their achievements, family, and significant moments. This should be heartfelt and may include anecdotes or quotes.


A collage or several individual photos can be included throughout the brochure. These images should capture different stages of the person's life, illustrating their journey and the people they touched.

Tributes and Messages:

Space for family and friends to share memories, messages of condolence, or favorite stories. These personal notes add a unique and touching element to the brochure.

Poems and Quotes:

Inspirational quotes, religious verses, or poems can provide comfort and reflection for those mourning the loss. These can be interspersed throughout the brochure or included in a dedicated section.

Designing the Funeral Brochure

Step 1: Choose a Template

The Funeral Program Site offers a variety of templates that cater to different styles and preferences. Whether you are looking for something traditional, modern, religious, or themed, there is a wide selection to choose from.

Step 2: Customize the Template

  • Upload Photos: Add the chosen photos of the deceased, ensuring they are of high resolution to avoid pixelation.
  • Input Text: Fill in the text fields with the necessary information. This includes the person’s name, dates, obituary, order of service, and any additional tributes or messages.
  • Select Fonts and Colors: Choose fonts and colors that complement the overall design and reflect the tone of the service. Subtle and elegant choices often work best.

Step 3: Review and Edit

Carefully review the brochure for any errors or omissions. It can be helpful to have another person proofread it as well. Ensure that all photos are correctly aligned and that the text is clear and legible.

Step 4: Print and Assemble

Once the design is finalized, the brochure can be printed. The Funeral Program Site offers printing services, or you can choose to print it locally. Ensure that the paper quality is suitable for a keepsake, often a heavier cardstock is preferred.

Funeral Brochure Image Example

Imagine a funeral brochure with a serene, nature-inspired design. The cover page features a beautiful image of butterflies amidst a meadow, symbolizing transformation and peace. Below the image, the text reads "In Loving Memory of [Name]" with the dates of birth and death. Inside, the layout is clean and organized, with sections for the order of service, obituary, and tributes.

This visual presentation not only honors the deceased but also provides comfort to the attendees by reflecting the beauty and tranquility that the butterflies represent.


Creating a funeral brochure using templates from The Funeral Program Site helps ensure that the final product is professional and heartfelt. These templates simplify the process during a difficult time, allowing families to focus on what truly matters – commemorating the life of their loved one. By following the steps outlined and customizing the brochure with personal touches, you can create a lasting tribute that honors and remembers the deceased with dignity and grace.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview to assist you in creating a meaningful and beautiful funeral brochure that serves as a cherished memento for all who attend the service.

Funeral Brochure Template


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