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Funeral template bundle sets are created for you to keep the theme consistent for all of your printed memorials. The Funeral templates are easy to use and offer maximum flexibility in personalizing the perfect program, prayer card, and thank you card! Our funeral template sets are put together in a set of 3 funeral program layouts with the same backgrounds for a presentation that honors a loved one's memory. Digital download files provide you immediate access so you can begin creating and editing right away.

The bundle offers a bifold letter size funeral template, prayer card and thank you card. All of our funeral templates are ready to contain your personalized information and photos! Our award winning funeral program templates provide an immediate download so you can begin editing today. They can be printed on your home printer or an office supply store near you.

Funeral Templates

Funeral template styles, meticulously crafted for a solemn yet dignified occasion, play a crucial role in commemorating the lives of the departed. These templates are not just functional documents but expressions of respect, love, and remembrance. As families navigate the delicate process of choosing a style that befits their vision, they encounter a spectrum of options that blend tradition, modernity, and personalization.

Classic and timeless, traditional funeral templates exude an understated elegance that pays homage to longstanding customs. These templates often feature subdued color palettes, refined fonts, and minimalistic layouts. Icons of spirituality or symbols of eternal life may be incorporated, creating a design that gracefully respects the gravity of the occasion.

For those seeking a more modern touch, contemporary funeral templates offer a fresh perspective. Clean lines, bold fonts, and subtle use of color characterize this style. Incorporating modern design elements allows for a tribute that resonates with current aesthetics while maintaining a sense of sophistication and reverence.

Cultural funeral templates celebrate diversity and heritage. Infused with symbols, colors, and motifs specific to a particular culture or ethnicity, these templates create a visual narrative that reflects the individual's roots. Whether drawing inspiration from religious symbols or cultural traditions, these templates honor the unique identity of the departed.

Nature-inspired funeral templates often utilize soothing color palettes and imagery drawn from the natural world. Gentle landscapes, floral elements, or tranquil scenes evoke a sense of serenity. These templates provide a comforting backdrop, inviting mourners to connect with the peaceful rhythms of nature as they reflect on the life being commemorated.

Some funeral templates embrace artistic expressions, incorporating unique designs, illustrations, or custom artwork. These templates become canvases for creativity, allowing families to infuse the program with elements that reflect the individual's passions, hobbies, or artistic inclinations. Artistic flourishes can add a personalized touch, transforming the program into a work of memorial art.

Vintage funeral templates evoke a sense of nostalgia, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of bygone eras. Antique fonts, sepia tones, and classic design elements create a program that feels like a cherished relic, inviting attendees to reflect not only on the departed but also on the passage of time.

For celebrations of lives lived with vibrancy and joy, whimsical funeral templates offer a lighthearted touch. Playful fonts, cheerful colors, and uplifting imagery celebrate the spirit of the individual. These templates are a fitting choice for commemorations that focus on the joyous moments shared with the departed.

In the realm of funeral template styles, the diversity of options reflects the multifaceted nature of human lives. Each style becomes a conduit for storytelling, a visual representation of a unique journey. Families, with a tender understanding of their loved one's essence, navigate this spectrum of styles, seeking a template that becomes the canvas for a tribute that is both personal and profound.

Featured Funeral Template

Our featured funeral template is from our faith based or religious collection. The funeral template set bundle offers the essential printed memorials of a funeral program, prayer card and thank you card in one download.

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Funeral Template FAQs

What is a funeral template set?

A funeral template set is 3 funeral templates which include a funeral program, prayer card and thank you card all in one download and purchase. The essential printed memorial and most distributed items are now a set with matching backgrounds to keep the theme consistent.

What happens after I purchase the funeral templates?

You will get your download link immediately after purchase in an email and you will also get redirected to the page with the download link so you can get started right away! We also closely monitor our purchases to ensure there are no delays with your files.

Can I mix and match the funeral templates?

In our bundles we offer in this collection, the funeral templates are sold as you see them. Sorry, but we do not offer any substitutions.

I downloaded a funeral template zip file.

Yes, the download will be zipped because of the 3 files and large sizes of the files. A zip file is needed to contain everything and you can unzip them with any windows unzipper software, which you do not need to purchase if your computer does not already do it automatically. If you need to unzip it or just want a specific version, contact us and we can email you just that particular funeral template version.