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Funeral Stationery Template Bundle - Outdoor

Funeral Stationery Template Bundle - Outdoor

Our outdoor landscape themed design is provided to you in 3 funeral templates set so you can continue the matching theme for your printed memorials. In this set you receive this background design template in 3 different layouts:  bifold letter size program bulletin, prayer card and thank you card.

    Funeral Stationery Template Bundles Features

    • Insert Additional Clipart and/or Photo Boxes Anywhere
    • Removable, Movable and Sizable Photo Boxes
    • High Quality Background Resolution; Full Color Front, Back & Inside
    • Bifold Funeral Program, Prayer Card, Thank You Card Templates
    • Expandable To Unlimited Pages With All Fields Editable
    • Free Movable & Sizable Word Art Title
    • Download Includes Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, Google Docs

    Funeral Stationery Templates Editing Service

    Utilize our template editing service and have our designer create your funeral stationery. Here is the comprehensive list of what's included:

    • Professional Layout and Design in this template
    • Print On Your Printer or Take Locally
    • Enhance lighting in photos, as needed
    • We can create photo collages, unlimited photos
    • We can create a transparent watermark photo backdrop, if desired
    • Text is editable in the proof for any last minute changes you may have
    • Proof back Within 24 hours (regular turnaround)
    • Rush Service Proof Back Within 1-2 hours

    Available 7 Days A Week from 7AM-7PM Only. Orders received outside of this time will be completed the next day.

    • Buying in Bundles Saves Costs!
    • Get all 3 templates in 1 download
    • Keeps The Theme Consistent
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    • The Funeral Stationery Funeral Program

      Our template bundles include a bifold funeral program formatted on the traditional letter size sheet. Add more pages, if needed.

    • The Funeral Stationery Funeral Prayer Card

      The funeral prayer card is a great accompaniment keepsake that is distributed typically at the wake or visitation.

    • The Funeral Stationery Funeral Thank You Card

      When all is said and done, the funeral thank you card is a great way to express gratitude to those who helped you during a time of loss.

    Funeral Stationery Template Bundle

    A funeral stationery bundle that includes a funeral program, thank you card, and prayer card offers a comprehensive way to honor a loved one's memory and manage the different aspects of the memorial service with consistency and elegance. This type of bundled stationery ensures a uniform look and feel across all materials, which helps to create a cohesive and dignified presentation during the service. Each component serves a unique purpose, contributing to the overall flow and emotional impact of the funeral or memorial.

    The funeral program acts as the centerpiece of the bundle, guiding attendees through the order of events while providing a brief biography, photos, and perhaps favorite memories or quotes from the deceased. It often includes details such as the names of family members, pallbearers, and officiants, as well as the schedule of readings, hymns, or eulogies to be presented during the service. This program not only helps guests follow the service but also serves as a cherished keepsake that attendees can take home to remember the day and the person they are honoring.

    Thank you cards included in the bundle provide a way for the bereaved family to express their gratitude to friends, family, and acquaintances who offered support, condolences, or donations in their time of need. These cards typically mirror the design elements of the funeral program, maintaining a uniform look that ties back to the memorial service. They are a crucial aspect of funeral etiquette, helping to convey appreciation for the kindness and sympathy extended by the community.

    Lastly, prayer cards are small, easy-to-carry reminders of the deceased that often feature a religious image, a short prayer, or a significant quote, along with the name and dates of the deceased's life. These cards can be distributed at the service or sent out afterward with thank you cards. They provide a tangible connection to the loved one lost and are designed to be kept in a wallet, a book, or displayed at home as a lasting memorial.

    Overall, a funeral stationery bundle that includes a program, thank you cards, and prayer cards simplifies the process of creating individual elements and ensures that all printed materials reflect the life and spirit of the deceased in a harmonious and respectful manner. This approach not only aids in the grieving process but also enhances the memorial experience for all who attend.