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DIY Graduated funeral programs, also known as step-fold or tiered programs, offer a distinctive and elegant way to guide attendees through the sequence of a memorial service while highlighting key moments and memories of the deceased. These programs typically consist of multiple pages, each one slightly shorter than the next, creating a step-like appearance that allows for quick viewing of the titles of each section. This unique format not only makes the program visually engaging but also allows for an organized presentation of information, which can include the order of service, hymns, readings, and personal tributes. Families can personalize these programs by incorporating favorite colors, photos, or themes that reflect the life and interests of the loved one, making each program a unique and cherished keepsake.

Creating DIY Graduated funeral programs can be a deeply personal process for families, as it involves thoughtful consideration of what to include that best commemorates the individual. Many templates and software tools are available to help design these programs, allowing those with minimal graphic design experience to produce a professional and touching tribute. This hands-on approach not only helps in personalizing the service but also provides grieving families a sense of involvement and control during a difficult time. By engaging in the creation of the program, families can feel more connected to the memorial service, ensuring it truly reflects the essence and spirit of their loved one. This can be particularly comforting and therapeutic, aiding in the healing process while providing attendees with a meaningful summary of the life being honored.

Graduated Funeral Programs

The term "tier fold" or "graduated" in the context of a funeral program refers to a specific type of folding or layout design used in the creation of the program. A tier fold involves organizing the content into multiple layers or tiers, creating a stepped or graduated effect when the program is folded or unfolded.

Here's a general description of what a tier fold funeral program might entail: A tier fold program typically has multiple layers or sections that are organized in a step-like arrangement. Each layer may contain different types of content or information related to the funeral service.

Graduated Design: The stepped or graduated design is meant to add visual interest and structure to the program. It allows for a sequential unfolding, revealing different sections of the program as it is opened.Tabbed Sections: In some cases, tier fold programs may include tabbed sections, making it easy for readers to navigate and find specific information. Tabs can serve as dividers between different parts of the program, such as the order of service, biographical information, poems, or acknowledgments.Customizable Layout: The tier fold design is often customizable to suit the preferences of the family or the person creating the program.

This allows for flexibility in arranging content and choosing the overall aesthetic of the program.When using a template or design service for a tier fold funeral program, it's important to follow the provided guidelines and ensure that the content is organized in a logical and coherent manner.

This type of fold adds a touch of sophistication to the program and can contribute to a visually engaging and memorable commemoration of the individual's life.

Featured Graduated Funeral Program Template

Our featured graduated funeral program is offered in the size of your choice. Select from letter, legal or tabloid sizing. This lovely DIY graduated template combines the elegance of watercolor flowers and elegant simplicity. Download today!

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    8-Sided Graduated Funeral Program Bottom Tabs

  • graduated funeral program template

    8-Sided Graduated Funeral Program Side Tabs

  • graduated funeral program

    4-Sided Graduated Funeral Program 1 Side Tab

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Gatefold Funeral Program FAQs

What sizes do graduated funeral programs come in?

The Funeral Program Site offers 3 sizes for you to choose from: Letter, Legal or Tabloid Size graduated funeral programs.

How many pages are in a graduated funeral program?

We offer 2 different presentations for our graduated funeral program to select from. You can either do a 4-sided or 8-sided page program.

What is a graduated funeral program?

A graduated funeral program is a unique presentation that families love. It varies from the traditional bifold program in that it displays tabs on the side or bottom in which you can personalize the text or better organize your content. The Funeral Program Site is the original creator of the graduated fold and offers every layout available and has often been copied by many.

Can I add pages to the graduated funeral program?

We do not recommend you add any pages to this type of graduated layout. Due to the offset of the tabs, adding pages add complexity to the overall graduated presentation and assembly. If you want added pages, it is best to use our professional design / print, done for you service in which our professionals can do an amazing job in the additional of pages and preserve the graduated look.

How To Make A Graduated Funeral Program

Creating a graduated funeral program using a template offers a visually striking and elegant way to honor a loved one during a memorial service. Graduated programs, often called "step" programs, provide a tiered design that reveals each successive page in a stepped manner, adding a unique layout that can display multiple photos or text elegantly. Here’s how to create a graduated funeral program using a template:

1. Choosing a Graduated Funeral Program Template
First, select a template that suits your needs for a graduated funeral program. These specific templates can be found on various design software platforms like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, as well as on websites that specialize in funeral program templates such as Canva or Etsy. Choose a design that resonates with the theme of the memorial service and reflects the personality of the deceased.

2. Customizing the Graduated Funeral Program Content
Graduated funeral programs typically have multiple panels visible from the front, each one slightly shorter than the one below it. Here’s a suggested layout:

Front Cover (Top Panel): This is the first thing attendees will see. It should include the name of the deceased, along with their birth and death dates, and a cover photo. You might also include a simple title like "In Loving Memory" or a short scripture or poem that was significant to the deceased.
Following Panels: The subsequent panels can be used to feature an obituary, a brief biography, or meaningful quotes and sayings. If space allows, you can include additional images or decorative elements that celebrate the life of the deceased.

Back Panel: This is typically the longest panel and is ideal for the order of service. Detail the sequence of the service, including hymns, readings, speakers, and any special acknowledgments. You might also want to include a thank you note from the family or details about the reception.

3. Adding Graduated Funeral Program Photos and Graphics
Enhance your program by incorporating photos and graphics. Given the tiered nature of graduated programs, each step could feature a different image, which allows for a dynamic visual experience as one flips through the program. Select photos that capture key moments in the life of the deceased, arranging them in a way that tells a story through images.

4. Graduated Funeral Program Proofreading and Revising
Carefully review the content for any typographical errors or inaccuracies. It's often helpful to have another family member or a close friend proofread it as well. Given the emotional nature of the task, it’s easy to overlook small details.

5. Graduated Funeral Program Printing and Assembly
Once you are satisfied with the design, print a test copy to ensure that everything looks correct when printed and that the panels align properly when folded. Choose a quality paper to give the program a nice texture and durability. For best results, you might want to consider professional printing services, especially if the design includes full-color photos or particularly thick paper that your home printer might not handle well.

6. Folding the Graduated Funeral Programs
Graduated programs require precise folding to ensure that each panel is displayed correctly. Depending on the complexity of the folds, you might want to use a bone folder for crisp edges and even alignment.

Using a graduated program template not only adds a unique design element to the memorial service but also creates a lasting keepsake for attendees, capturing the essence and memories of the loved one in a structured yet artistic format.