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DIY Graduated funeral programs is a unique and popular presentation for printed memorials. This type of funeral program can also be referred to as a step fold or tier fold program and can contain one or three tabs which is revealed at the right side or bottom. Our graduated funeral program template is available in 3 sizes: letter, legal or tabloid size with ample room for your text and photos. Easily create this layout by utilizing any of our ready-made template designs.

Our graduated funeral program presentation is offered with a side or bottom tab in 4 or 8-sided program. Our step-by-step video helps guide you in the folding and assembly or you can choose to use our full design and print service. Edit in Word, Publisher, Apple Pages or Google Docs.

Graduated Funeral Programs

The term "tier fold" or "graduated" in the context of a funeral program refers to a specific type of folding or layout design used in the creation of the program. A tier fold involves organizing the content into multiple layers or tiers, creating a stepped or graduated effect when the program is folded or unfolded.

Here's a general description of what a tier fold funeral program might entail:

A tier fold program typically has multiple layers or sections that are organized in a step-like arrangement. Each layer may contain different types of content or information related to the funeral service.

  1. Graduated Design: The stepped or graduated design is meant to add visual interest and structure to the program. It allows for a sequential unfolding, revealing different sections of the program as it is opened.
  2. Tabbed Sections: In some cases, tier fold programs may include tabbed sections, making it easy for readers to navigate and find specific information. Tabs can serve as dividers between different parts of the program, such as the order of service, biographical information, poems, or acknowledgments.
  3. Customizable Layout: The tier fold design is often customizable to suit the preferences of the family or the person creating the program. This allows for flexibility in arranging content and choosing the overall aesthetic of the program.

When using a template or design service for a tier fold funeral program, it's important to follow the provided guidelines and ensure that the content is organized in a logical and coherent manner. This type of fold adds a touch of sophistication to the program and can contribute to a visually engaging and memorable commemoration of the individual's life.

Featured Graduated Funeral Program Template

Our featured graduated funeral program is offered in the size of your choice. Select from letter, legal or tabloid sizing. This lovely DIY graduated template combines the elegance of watercolor flowers and elegant simplicity. Download today!

  • funeral program template

    8-Sided Graduated Funeral Program Bottom Tabs

  • graduated funeral program template

    8-Sided Graduated Funeral Program Side Tabs

  • graduated funeral program

    4-Sided Graduated Funeral Program 1 Side Tab

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Gatefold Funeral Program FAQs

What sizes do graduated funeral programs come in?

The Funeral Program Site offers 3 sizes for you to choose from: Letter, Legal or Tabloid Size graduated funeral programs.

How many pages are in a graduated funeral program?

We offer 2 different presentations for our graduated funeral program to select from. You can either do a 4-sided or 8-sided page program.

What is a graduated funeral program?

A graduated funeral program is a unique presentation that families love. It varies from the traditional bifold program in that it displays tabs on the side or bottom in which you can personalize the text or better organize your content. The Funeral Program Site is the original creator of the graduated fold and offers every layout available and has often been copied by many.

Can I add pages to the graduated funeral program?

We do not recommend you add any pages to this type of graduated layout. Due to the offset of the tabs, adding pages add complexity to the overall graduated presentation and assembly. If you want added pages, it is best to use our professional design / print, done for you service in which our professionals can do an amazing job in the additional of pages and preserve the graduated look.