Green Funeral

Natural or environment friendly memorials or now called "Green Funerals" are gaining in recognition.

Eco-friendly, purely natural, coupled with home-based memorials are really becoming alot more obtainable around quite a few towns and states. Which means that those who tend to be socially and eco friendly in everyday life can certainly keep on to be so up until death.

It is estimate that more than 50 thousand men and women die just about every year all over the world, employing fifty million trees, not to mention liberating or the dispersement of 8 trillion tons of cO2 or carbon dioxide. Additionally, the production of funeral caskets or containers in the world employs 2 thousand tons of reinforced concrete. Constructing caskets works by using in excess of 90 million tons of precious metal each year. Additionally, over eight hundred million gallons of embalming liquid is actually being used...that's a lot of fluid!

Organic green, natural, or simply home-based memorials seem to be quickly increasingly being a development around the globe. Memorial services that include any or more of the following in your funeral planning is considered to be an environment friendly memorial service:

Host small gatherings in a natural environment (such as a park, meadow, field)

  • Only utilize funeral products made from recycled material, locally grown, organically produced bouquets, or organic and natural food items.
  • Recycled paper products for use in the funeral programs or prayer cards.
  • Opt not to have the body embalmed or embalm only with formaldehyde-free products
  • Work with of naturally degradable apparel on the deceased.
  • Make use of a wrap or able to degrade naturally, nontoxic coffins manufactured with ecological materials used.
  • No cement burial container.
  • Hand dug and shallow graves.
  • Smooth rocks, floras, or even trees and shrubs for the construction of plot markers.
  • Did you know that green funerals are cost efficient? Green memorials typically cost approximate $2000 opposed to $6500 for standard or traditional funerals.
  • The deceased body is put together for burial at home by the family.

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