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Align My Text and Images Customization Service

Align My Text and Images Customization Service

This product service is for those who need assistance aligning the text and images you entered into your template. Sometimes things happen and if you find your template was accidentally misaligned somehow, we can help! Upload your completed template file and we'll take a look at all your columns, pages of text and images to ensure they are perfectly aligned and ready for you to print! Don't be nervous, we want your program to be the best it can be and our professional team of template experts are fast at completing such a task! We will email your template back aligned and ready for you to print at home or for you to create a PDF file and take it to a local printer.

This is available for those who already entered your personalized text and/or photos and things somehow got misaligned. This service is not all inclusive in that we will align all unentered text into the template. Please choose our full customization service if that is desired. We will make sure all text and image(s) is properly aligned and does not fall on a fold or edge of the paper so your template is back in tip top shape!

Turnaround Time: 1 hour

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