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Memorial Keepsakes

Aloha Lei Memorial Button Pin (Pack of 10)

Aloha Lei Memorial Button Pin (Pack of 10)

Memorial button design offers an island or tropical themed background with pretty and colorful hibiscus flower lei surrounding your photo. With this pack of 10, you can proudly display your loved one's photo in a beautiful floral setting, making it a memorable and meaningful keepsake for all.

Memorial Button Features

  • 3" Diameter Round In Gloss Finish
  • 3 Lines of Personalized Text
  • Includes 1 Photo With Background Removal
  • Price Per Package of 10 Buttons
  • Metal Backing With Pin Back
  • Optional Memorial Button Stand Available
  • Ships Next Business Day, Same Day If Order 12Noon CST M-F
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Wearing Memorial Buttons

Wearing memorial button pins is a heartfelt tradition that offers a unique way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. These small but meaningful items are typically adorned with the deceased's photo, name, and important dates or a personal message, and are worn by friends and family during funeral services or memorial events. The practice of wearing these pins not only serves as a personal tribute but also fosters a sense of unity and collective mourning among those who were close to the deceased.

Memorial buttons are especially significant during the service itself, where the gathering of individuals can visually connect through the shared act of wearing the same pin. This visible display of remembrance and respect can provide comfort to bereaved attendees, reminding them that they are not alone in their grief. Furthermore, these pins can act as conversation starters, prompting the sharing of fond memories and stories about the loved one, helping to celebrate their life and the impact they had on others.

Beyond the event, memorial button pins can continue to serve as a lasting keepsake for those who mourn. Many people choose to keep the pin as a memento, pinning it on a personal item like a bag or placing it in a special box of keepsakes. This ongoing presence acts as a small, enduring connection to the deceased, offering a tangible reminder of their life and legacy that can provide comfort in moments of remembrance.

Additionally, creating and distributing memorial button pins can be a therapeutic process for the family organizing the funeral or memorial service. It allows them to engage in a meaningful activity during their time of grief, focusing their energy on a task that honors their loved one in a personal way. As these pins are worn and shared, they help to weave the memory of the deceased into the fabric of everyday life, ensuring that their stories and essence are carried forward by those who loved them.

Memorial Button Stand

Display your button on any desk or flat surface when not being worn! Use our optional memorial button stand to easily convert your memorial button pin into a memorial display. This optional stand pairs perfectly with our 3" memorial buttons and can be purchased along with any button pin. Transform your memorial button pin into a striking display piece by utilizing our optional memorial button stand, designed for easy placement on any desk or flat surface.