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Memorial Keepsakes

We Will Miss You Funeral Flowers Ribbon Banner

We Will Miss You Funeral Flowers Ribbon Banner

The Funeral Program Site offers a double faced satin funeral ribbon banner adorned with the heartfelt message "We Will Miss You." The wording is elegantly written in a beautiful font in the center of the ribbon, making it the perfect addition to any funeral flower arrangement. Dress up your final farewell with a touch of elegance. The beautiful font and centered design of the ribbon will add a special touch to your loved one's funeral flowers.

Funeral Flower Ribbon Features

  • Personalized Flower Ribbon only; wreath not included.
  • Double Face Satin Ribbon; 4" Wide x 24" Length
  • Ready To Adorn Any Flower Arrangement For Display
  • Choose Your Color of Ribbon and Lettering Color
  • Price Per Ribbon; Includes personalization
  • Same Business Day If Ordered Before 12Noon CST.
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Display A Funeral Flower Ribbon

When selecting personalized ribbons for floral arrangements, it's important to note that the offering is for the ribbon only; the wreath is not included. This detail ensures clarity for customers, allowing them to understand that they will receive a beautifully crafted ribbon ready to adorn any flower arrangement of their choice. By providing this option, it grants families and loved ones the flexibility to customize their floral tributes in a way that best suits their preferences and the memory of the deceased, enhancing the personal touch at memorial services.

These ribbons are made from double face satin, a high-quality material known for its luxurious sheen and durability. Measuring 4 inches in width and 24 inches in length, the ribbons are substantial enough to make a significant visual impact on any floral display. The satin fabric adds an element of elegance and grace, reflecting the solemnity and respect of the occasion. The ribbons are meticulously crafted to ensure they maintain their beauty and integrity throughout the service, making them a fitting tribute to honor a loved one.

Personalization is a key feature of these ribbons, allowing customers to choose their preferred ribbon color and lettering color. This customization enables families to match the ribbon to the theme of the service or to the favorite colors of the deceased, creating a more meaningful and personalized tribute. The ability to select from a range of colors ensures that the ribbons can complement any floral arrangement, enhancing the overall aesthetic and emotional resonance of the display. This attention to detail helps in creating a tribute that is unique and memorable.

One of the standout aspects of this service is the quick turnaround time. Each personalized ribbon is crafted and prepared for shipping the same business day if ordered before 12 noon CST. This prompt service ensures that families can receive their customized ribbons in time for the memorial service, alleviating any additional stress during an already difficult time. Priced per ribbon, this offering includes the cost of personalization, making it an affordable and thoughtful way to add a distinctive touch to any floral arrangement. This efficiency and affordability make personalized ribbons a valuable option for honoring loved ones.