Taylor Renee McAdory - Obituary

Taylor was born in Mineral Wells on June 9, 2006 to parents Lauren McAdory and Jessie Martinez. She had six siblings Anthony, Raven, Rhianna, Jessie Jr, A.J., and Jordyn. Her grandparents are Jack, Sherry, Alita and Annie.

Her aunts and uncles are Jaclyn, Aaron, Justin, Frank, Mary and Rosa. She has many cousins. She played the clarinet and made it to the regional band. Many of her teachers have spoken of how much they enjoyed having her in their classes. She spent many summers at Camp Sionito where she enjoyed fishing and archery.

She attended Indian Creek for Awana. She attended Mineral Wells ISD, Fort Bend ISD and was a sophomore at Irving High School. She truly loved spending time with friends and family. She has shared her light with so many, and made friends wherever she went. She expressed herself through her style and amazing personality.

Taylor always made sure others were okay, and had no problem standing up for what was right. Her laughter was incredibly contagious and she always knew how to make you smile. Taylor Renee McAdory aka Covergirl followed her Nan on October 18, 2021.

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