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Add More Pages To My Funeral Template Customization Service

Add More Pages To My Funeral Template Customization Service

This service applies only for the center fold program templates which are expandable to unlimited pages. Adding pages to any template can add a level of complexity and one must be careful in how to accomplish this especially if you are working in Microsoft Word. if you find this a challenging task, opt to purchase our add-on service which we will take care of adding as many pages as you need. We will also carefully add page numbers along the bottom of each page so you know exactly how the order will flow as the program booklet is folded. Sometimes, its hard to know how many pages you will have from the onset, but this service takes the worry out of having to do it yourself. No detail too small in our customization services and we're fast and efficient! 

Just select how many additional pages you need and then upload your template file so we can add them directly to your submitted document. Even if you have already begun and found you ran out of room, no worries! Just upload your template and what you've done so far and we'll take care of adding the remaining pages you need. If you have not stated on your template yet, you can let us know and we'll send you a fresh template with your needed pages. Your template will be sent back to you via email with your work in tact and with the additional pages required.

Average Turnaround Time: 1-2 Hours (depending on how many pages we are adding)

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